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About Us

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We’re glad you’re here. We're the Price family from Columbia,SC and Sandlapper Soaps is our family-run company. We add a little Southern charm and great customer service to our line of handcrafted bath soaps.

 Handmade soap is a real treat to most folks, and very few people buy handmade soap to just to get clean. If you’re buying handmade soap, you’re seeking superior skin care and an exceptional bath-time treat. Our soaps provide both in the form of luxurious, nourishing lather and transcendent fragrances.

 You can find us at some craft shows in South Carolina and we have some great partner retailers in South Carolina and Georgia, but with our location here on the Internet, we provide most of our customers the luxury of a leisurely shopping experience wherever you have an Internet connection. Do you want to sit on the sofa with your tablet and browse while watching your favorite TV shows? Here we are. Did you just remember that you need a great little gift for your girlfriend while you’re waiting for your child’s practice to end? We’re here, waiting for you on your smart phone.

 We’re professional business people who started this company to teach our children how companies should operate. So, we’re going to go to great lengths to maintain a high level of professional service and product quality. We get it wrong from time to time, but we’ll do anything we can to make sure you are 100% satisfied with our soaps and the way we treat you.

Meet the Family

--Robin owns the company and is our head of Retail Sales. She is determined that our customers will have a pleasant experience and if they don't, Mama isn't happy. And you know when Mama's not happy...

--Scott is the Chief of Operations, designing and making soap, keeping the behind-the-scenes machinery polished, and doing his dead-level best to keep Mama happy.

--Anna is the Company Sweetheart and helps out with Marketing and Packaging. She's also our media star and has quite a story of her own to share with you.

--Jay (or JP) helps Dad cut and inventory the soap and lends a hand wrapping when he's not playing on one of his baseball teams.

Contact Us

   Sandlapper Soaps

   3425 Willow Ridge Rd.
   Columbia, SC 29206
   (803) 413-2555

Join Sandlapper Soaps and the Prices on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. We also write about our adventures in business and soap making. You can email us with your comments and suggestions; we'd love to hear from you.